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Although I grew up in Florida, I have spent the majority of my adult life living in the American Southwest, in California and New Mexico.  

I never tire of exploring old and new stomping grounds and experiencing nature's showcase. I understand time dictates the need to drive to many of my favorite spots, but I prefer walking, as my grandmother taught me at a young age, "true treasures are found on foot".  

My love of photography was also gained from her husband, my grandfather, as he started shooting in the 1920's.  They both taught me so much, patience, a love of nature, and most important, respect for all things, and this still influences my life and photography today.

I have had more "best days ever" than I can count, some with my camera and others without. The trick for me when I am out in nature is remembering it is not about getting the best shot, but just about being there.

I currently live in Mancos, Colorado near Durango with my beautiful wife Stacy and our pet rabbits, Jake and Bella.


My photos are currently on display in several locations around the Four Corners area of the United States including Moab, Durango (Ultimate Mountain Living)  Dolores and Cortez, Colorado. I also spend time shooting in the Panhandle of Florida and have my beach photos displayed in several locations there including Kiss Bakery (Destin) and Pelican Isle Condos.  

I recently had a photo selected and published in Landscape Photography Magazine which is based in the UK.  

Along with my partner Steven W Martin, we recently completed a night photography session at the request of the National Park Service at Hovenweep National Monument.  The photographs will be used to educated visitors on the night sky in this area. 

Recently (2016) I was selected to complete a photo inventory for the Bureau of Land Management (Tres Rios Field Office SW Colorado) of all of the Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) located on public land in the area. The inventory lasted over two months and required extensive hiking/overnight camping into remote areas to capture the essence of each WSA.  In November 2016, I spent over a week in the country of Iceland capturing landscapes and traveling throughout the country. I have several of my photos currently displayed in Iceland.

Two of my photos were selected  and received awards by the Center of Southwest Studies located in Durango, CO at Fort Lewis College.  They are currently there on display  through December 2016 as part of a program celebrating the National Park Services 100 year anniversary.